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Celebrate life in the 305 ,Miami is The Magic City

At 305 Fights we strive to develop local Miami men and women on their journey not just in Martial Arts, but also as they rise in the journey of life. 
The word “rise” is derived from the German word “reisen” meaning “to rise for a journey” and “one who fights on behalf of others.” 

We showcase the best local MMA Amateurs - highly skilled men and women who train hard, work hard, and study hard in their practice of The Arts. Whether on the road to earning a Title, or training in dance, art or music…they live by their energy, example and excellence inside the cage and out.   
We seek to embrace this spirit of ingenuity and self-development through the mediums of Martial Arts training and MMA competition on the backdrop of Miami’s rich cultural heritage.


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“Where Champions Rise”

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